CPAC Bloggers’ Row


Yes, that’s right, your favorite conservative college student who runs your favorite conservative college blog will be on bloggers’ row for CPAC this year!

This news is both exciting and amazing. I’ll be there for Dialog New Media the company I’m currently interning for and will be sure to make regular posts here and at probably at NewsBusters too. I’m even going to try and liveblog a couple events.

Make sure and check out the schedule of events for CPAC and feel free to email me to request a live blog for any of the events. I’ll do my best to get to all the events you suggest.

Also, if you’re going to CPAC make sure you stop by bloggers’ row and say hello… I’ll be the youngest and least famous one there I’m sure.

No Liveblog For 24 Tonight


Sorry… I can’t liveblog 24 tonight because I’m working on a NewsBusters article.

I’ll be watching and I should be back next week.

Enjoy and hope the show takes a turn for the best.

24 Time Baby



LiveBlogging 24 Tonight

Hey awesome reader folk,

Make sure you check back for my first foray into liveblogging later tonight at 9/8c during the latest episode of 24!

Mark your calendars:

My Latest on NewsBusters

Hello again sweet and beautiful readers,

I’m at it again over at NewsBusters. This time my story exposes the fact that Tom Daschle was given his free limo rides by a media company and then procceded to try and get the media mogul in charge of that company an important job in the Obama administration.

Check it out