Attack of the Kite

Here’s some more of my vacation memories, as promised:


Still more to come! Stay tuned…

Songs of the Month

This month’s songs of the month come at the end of the month because it has taken me that long to find some really great new music (or rather, new to me music). But, at last, here it is.

This month’s post is dedicated to one band. Cartel.

Now, I had heard of Cartel several years ago but I hadn’t ever really listened to their music. Luckily, that changed over spring break. One of my friends happened to have a Cartel cd and at some point durring the 30 hours of driving played it.

I love them. Their pop/punkyness comes with a bit of a hard edge at times but is comfortably balanced out by blindingly heart felt balads.

Give them a listen. You won’t regret a moment of it.

Back From Break

Hello again everybody,

It’s been a while since I wrote anything as you may have noticed. Sad, I know… but take heart because I’m back from beautiful Nags Head, NC. I’m rested, relaxed, and ready to blog.

But before I get back into the swing of things let me deliver on some of the promised vacation videos and pictures.

Nags Head is awesome and I had a blast with my friends. I have a ton of video to edit and put up online. At the moment I only have one video that’s finished and ready for your viewing pleasure… It’s from our Rita’s Road Trip.

You see on Thursday I left my beach house to attend the Media Research Center’s Dishonor awards in DC. My friends went with me and on the drive back we decided to hit every Rita’s water ice we possibly could for free water ice.

Here are the fun times that ensued:

On Spring Break in Nags Head, NC

Hey dearest fans,

I’m in North Carolina for the week and while I’m having a blast the internet here is somehow worse than it was a CPAC. So I’m experiencing every blogger’s nightmare…

The inability to update.

I’m sad, but somehow I think the beautiful weather and fun times with my friends will get me through it.

I’ll post up some vids and pics from my vaca when I get a chance.

Till then,

nags head

Did Jonah Goldberg Steal a Link From Me?

Well… not exactly. But yes, sort of.

I guess that’s how I would characterize the situation that Tommy Christopher wrote up over at AOL and Daily Dose. The whole thing centers around a tip I sent out this afternoon about CNN’s estimation of the lefty blogosphere.

This is how Tommy characterized what happened thereafter:

What’s interesting is how I found out about the story. I was on an email list for, run by Steve Gutowski, a guy that I met at CPAC. I got his tip at 1:55pm. Also on that email were NRO’s Jonah Goldberg, and Captain Ed Morrissey, who used the tip at Hot Air:

CNN asks the question: Whither the liberal blogosphere in the Age of Obama? Mark Preston asks Markos Moulitsas and Jane Hamsher how having a Democratic shutout in Washington DC will affect their blogging (via The College Politico)

See what Ed did there? He credited the source of the tip. Continue reading “Did Jonah Goldberg Steal a Link From Me?”

Check Out My Latest on NewsBusters

Hey reader folk,

I know its been a while since CPAC ended but I finally was able to get some interviews I did while I was there up on NewsBusters. I got to talk with several interesting people including Joe the Plumber and John Ziegler so make sure you watch all the interviews… they say some interesting things.

Here’s where you can find it.



Check Out My Article on Pajamas Media

Yea… I know. I just ripped Pajamas Media for their crappy management of their soon to be defunct ad network but, hey, they’re still a major conservative media outlet.

Anyway, the article is about the fallacy of positive rights and entitlement.