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Biden Makes Fun of Obama for Teleprompter Use; UPDATE: Video Added


In a classically Biden moment our Vice President ripped on our President for his famous reliance on teleprompters. Biden delivered his joke while speaking to new Air Force graduates. From Top of the Ticket:

not content to leave without a jaunty ad lib, Biden noted that heavy winds were gusting through the ceremonies. One of his two teleprompters had toppled over. Alluding to the jokes of Obama’s reliance on the speech-facilitators, Biden added, “What I am going to tell the president when I tell him his teleprompter is broken. What will he do then.”

Oh boy. Please let the man speak more often. Dream Scenario: Obama replaces Gibbs with Biden for Press Secretary… if only.

UPDATE: For your viewing pleasure


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fred blingstone

Wow, that was funny. If Biden continues running his mouth like that, there is no telling what Obama will do to him. This convinces me even further that Biden has no clue as to how to act like a right-wing bigot with no sense of humor. He needs….oh wait…the republicans lost. Never mind.

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