Associated Press Cites Cookie Success as Example of Obama’s Change

No… I couldn’t make this up if I tried:

Want an example of the change Barack Obama is bringing to the country? Check out cookie sales at Baby Boomers Cafe in Des Moines.

Yes… that’s right, not only is Obama our new savior but he is now our new Pillsbury Doughboy.


Actually, judging by this comment from the owner of the cafe that Obama has shown his grace upon maybe he is a strange doughboy messiah combination, or, in other words, he is a savory savior:

“I think everybody just … thought, ‘Oh, great cookie, great president _ the world is a happy place. Barack’s going to fix all the problems and if I have a bite of this cookie it’s going to make me feel good,'”

Ann Coulter’s Jaw Wired Shut

Looks like the much maligned/adored Coulter had her jaw wired shut after a terrible fall. Predictably the liberal blog machine has reported on this story with unabated jubilation. Go ahead and check out the liberal blog-o-sphere (just be sure to get your rabies shots after wards).

Despite my distaste for about 95% of the things that come out of Ann’s mouth and despite my belief that the conservative movement would be far better off without people like her I still wish her a speedy recovery. And I would never wish something like this on her.

I hope you get well soon Ann but I won’t lie… I’m going to enjoy your silence.

UPDATE: Stop the ACLU cronicles some of the leftie bloggers reaction

Palin Staying in the Spotlight, Back on the Campaign Trail

Sarah Palin will be campaigning for Saxby Chambliss on Sunday and throughout next week in Georgia.

Sarah’s massive popularity in Georgia should give Chambliss’ run-off campaign an energy boost. And while Palin isn’t the only big name Republican to turn out for Chambliss, others include Huckabee, Romney, and McCain, she is most certainly the brightest star at this point.

With a close race against Democrat Jim Martin on his hands Chambliss can certainly use all the support he can get. Hopefully this, coupled with the lack of Obama voters for Martin, will put Chambliss over the top.

We shall see…

Paulson to Lend Money to Anybody Who Wants it

Gosh, doesn’t this sound familiar?

The government stepping in to let just about anybody borrow money regardless of their circumstances.

In fact, I’m relatively sure this is exactly what caused the problem in the first place. Ummm, yea, actually I’m completely positive of that.

Hmm lets think back to the first presidential debate when Obama claimed that deregulation was the cause of our economic ills. Here was my reaction then:

“Deregulation, Obama? Are you kidding? Was it deregulation that created organizations to give people loans that clearly weren’t qualified for them and never would have received them otherwise? Was it deregulation that mandated financial institutes give the same clearly unqualified people loans? Thus creating a massive and seemingly unending housing boom which then lead to a plethora of bad investments, investments which were sold by the government as safe investments. No Obama it wasn’t deregulation, it was idiots like you.”

But, obviously, Bush, Paulson, and the rest of our betterers in DC will never admitt that this is what happened and will, inevitably, stick with the same broken mentality that got us into this mess.

Does anybody see the supreme irony in this move by the government? I mean, yea, there’s the whole quandary of using the same tactics that got is in trouble in order to save us from that trouble. I’m almost convinced that this was the exact conversation that occured when this plan was being mulled over:

(several of Springfield’s best and brightest are stuck in a hole they dug while searching for buried treasure)

Mayor Quimby: Mmm, I guess we’re not gonna find anything.
Otto: Well how we gonna get outta here?
Homer: We’ll dig our way out!
Wiggum: No, no, dig up, stupid!

But I think, perhaps, the deeper irony lays in the fact that we are increasing our government’s debt for the express purpose of increasing consumer debt. In other words the government is spending money it doesn’t have in order to encourage people to spend money they don’t have. Does that sound like a downward spiral to fiscal hell to anybody else?

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin eventually weighed in on this…

Bin Laden’s Driver Being Moved to Yemen, Will be Free on December 27th

That is what the pentagon is telling everyone at least…

Bin Laden’s driver, Salim Hamdan, was made famous in the pile of crap known as Hamdan V. Rumsfeld. You know, the case where “Justice” Stevens and the crap pack, as I shall now call them, decided they knew how to run a war better than the executive (which is definitely absolutely constitutional and consistent for them to do, by the way). And, accordingly, that terrorists should be coddled and extended the same legal rights as citizens. Cool, huh?

And now Hamdan is, on the eve of his release, Hamdan is being sent to Yemen to serve out his pathetically short 66 month sentence. And, of course, thats 66 months minus time served which gives him almost exactly one month left to serve. But, hey, he only helped facilitate the most horrific terrorist attack in history.

Oddly enough, though, I think he may just miss Guantanamo. After all, the terrorist held there now have gameboys, art classes, and “movie nights”. There is even an “Arab-American cultural advisor” (why the hell is there an “Arab-American cultural advisor”?!!?!?). Honestly, the place sounds about a thousand times more enjoyable than the vast majority of middle-eastern countries. I’d be sad to leave if I was him.

Oh, I almost forgot, make sure you don’t miss the passive agressiveness of the BBC on this one:

“The US has always argued it can detain such people indefinitely, as long as its so-called war on terror continues.”

“so-called”, I guess those terrorists are only in our imagination?

UPDATE: Hot Air eventually weighed in on this…

Don’t feel much like blogging

Hey faithful readers.

I’m sorry but I’m going through an extremely hard time right now and I simply don’t feel much like blogging.

Hopefully I will be back soon. I just can’t handle stuff right now.



P.s. If you have any advice please feel free to share it. Thank you.

UN Spends $23 Million to Paint a Ceiling

Yet another reason the UN should be dismantled and replaced with something better. Especially since this 23 Million dollar painting is on the ceiling of the room dedicated to the horribly weak and disgracefully mismanaged Human Rights Council.

Oh, and they used, at least, 633,000 dollars meant to help people who are starving and dying around the world.

But, hey, the ceiling is sort of pretty now… or something (pictures via Fox):

(There’s UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the far right)

But I guess the most disturbing part of this whole story has to be that this collection of colorful stalactites comes as a bargain when compared with the one BILLION dollar price tag for the proposed renovations to the UN’s European headquarters and the 1.9 BILLION dollar face lift being given to the UN’s offices in New York City.

Murtha may have to testify in the defamation suit against him

(Via AAEC)

Although it shouldn’t take a court order for a congressman to admit he made a horrible and despicable mistake in the case of the weasel dirt bag Rep. John Murtha it probably will. Actually, it will probably take several court orders since Murtha has already appealed one requiring him to make a deposition. What a slap in honor’s face Murtha’s conduct and his reelection is.

Here is the article on the state of the suit by Marine Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich against Murtha.

When will this guy do the right thing and retire? He has become an absolute disgrace to the country he claims to serve.

UPDATE: Murtha wants immunity

Soros and Ayres behind the destruction of the University of California’s standards?

It looks like the main backers of the proposal to obliterate the University of California’s standards, The National Center for Fair and Open Testing, have close ties with some of the most radical men in America, George Soros and William Ayres.

Yes, that’s right, Soros and Ayres both actively fund the organization which is, according to my UC grad contact for this story, mainly responsible for trying to kill UC’s standards and by extension its respectability.

But nobody should be too shocked here as only people who believe absurd things could possibly be behind the absurd changes that have been proposed thus far. Changes that include:

1. Removing the SAT II subject test requirements because, get this, some applicants don’t know they are requirements for acceptance. I think former Congressman Doug Ose captured my reaction to this one the best when he said:

“This staggeringly simplistic rationale raises legitimate questions about the wisdom of the regents’ willingness to consider admitting to the UC system students who cannot understand the most fundamental step of entering college which is to apply for it.”

2. Lowering the minimum GPA requirement from 3.0 to 2.8 along with eliminating the SAT II subject test. Yet they still try and argue that this move is intended to bring in more qualified students than the current standards do… Who are they kidding?

3. And this is my favorite, removing the SAT II subject test as requirements in order to promote “diversity”, even though race-based admissions policies have been illegal in California since 1996, and despite the fact that most experts agree that the SAT II subject tests actually help minority students get into college because they allow them to showcase abilities that would otherwise go unnoticed. California Assemblyman Van Tran elaborates on this…

All of us who believe in quality education that is based on performance, and only performance, need to take a stand against this (further) cheapening of our valued institutions in higher education. We need to get involved and put pressure on the people considering these absurd proposals.

Visit to learn more about how you can stand up for what is right.

UPDATE: The Washington Examiner reports that UC will cut its enrollment by 10,000 students making the proposal to slash admission requirements all the more absurd.